Les cinq étapes de la production audiovisuelle

Audiovisual production is perhaps one of the most difficult and complex processes, starting with the capture of an innovative idea until it appears on the screen. This production generally takes place in five essential stages:

1-Idea (construction of projects):

The process begins with the producer acquiring the rights to produce a suitable idea or perhaps an idea invented by himself. This idea can be a full text or just a paragraph written briefly as a general idea. The producer is responsible for transforming this idea into a workable text, then making a preliminary assessment of the costs required and potential markets to disseminate the work, preparing a summary of the idea that can be presented to potential funding sources, and contribute to the recruitment of appropriate executives to carry out the work successfully.

2-Plan (pre-production):

The process of preparing to carry out the work, in which the producer participates at all stages, begins from music rights and filming locations to contracts, salary negotiations and choosing the nature of the television work. This step constitutes the final budget of the project.


3-Photography (actual production):

The producer must be available during this phase, since the production coordinator supervises the daily operations, and the producer supervises all aspects of the implementation, records the production processes, takes responsibility for the adoption of the daily or weekly budget and supervises any media material published about the work.


  1. Final product (post-production):

The producer manages the audiovisual imagery product by preparing a detailed guide to the editing process. At the same time, He must ensure that the agreed standards regarding the duration, nature and conditions of the television work are implemented in the final product, while respecting the specified budget, and also supervises the ancillary aspects of the work such as musical composition, graphics, special effects and signs.

  1. Final steps (end of process and product distribution):

The producer prepares and pays all outstanding invoices, finalizes all legal issues related to the business and gives the client a report including the actual budget. The producer may participate in other operations, such as campaigns to promote the work, distribute them to domestic or foreign broadcast channels and obtain the necessary licenses for the broadcast, such as regulatory licenses from the competent authorities.

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