Bachelor of Project Management

The primary aim of the program is to assist students in obtaining the knowledge and abilities that are required in project management regardless to disciplines or domains. Students who successfully graduate from the Bachelor of Project Management Program will have a wide range of knowledge and abilities. Upon graduation, the students will be able to accomplish this.

Ph.D. of Project Management

Ph.D. in Project Management aims at enhancing the scientific research skills of the student, and preparing distinguished cadres in scientific research. It also aspires to investigate the knowledge and practices related to the Project Management, in addition to discovering new facts and critical studies which contribute to improve development on the ground.

Bachelor of Management

The Bachelor of Management will help you understand the ins and outs of management practices in today’s most successful businesses and nonprofit organizations. You will implement a complete business strategy in an experiential learning program

Master of Management

The Master of Management is both a generalist and a specialist program: core management courses drive long-term career progression, while specializations help our students to launch their careers. Specializations include the classical business functions, for example Finance and Marketing, but also other topics such as sustainability and project management.

Master of Risk Management

The Master of Risk Management program at Everyone’s Smart University integrates modern intellectual content from the academic world with advanced management practices of leading global organizations.
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